Do You Need an Interactive Web Site?

What's an interactive web site? It's a web site that does more than just talk "at" your site's visitors. Instead, it establishes a two-way conversation with them. This conversation can include things like search functions, contact/feedback forms, user registration and log-in, email newsletters, etc.

Standards Compliance

In addition to interactivity, I believe it is important for a web site to adhere to the established standards and best practices for content structure and mark-up. This means using valid and semantically meaningful HTML mark-up as per the World Wide Web Consortium's standards for HTML and CSS. This helps to ensure that your content will be usable on any modern web browser or device.

Let's Talk

If you think you'd like to take your web site to the next level, drop me a note with a description of what you'd like to accomplish, and we can begin our own conversation on how to get there.

Or, if you'd just like to find out more about me, feel free to poke around the rest of my site. (Try not to damage your keyboard when you nod off to sleep.)

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