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Back in the Blog World Again(?)

I used to blog a bit, both about PHP/MySQL (geeky stuff) along with posts about Kindles and e-books (almost as geeky), all of which is still on the web at (The WordPress theme I used there got hosed somehow, so now it's hanging together loosely in another theme I grabbed. It used to look better...really.) I find myself with a hankering to get back into it, but with a bit of a twist: doing it on my own blogging framework.

For now, I’m in the process of cobbling things together, with a weird idea of keeping it as simple as reasonably possible. To that end, I’m writing the actual posts in markdown files, which then get parsed into HTML on demand by the PHP framework. The idea here is that all I then need to do is FTP article files to the appropriate directory on my web host, and they’re good to go: no admin interface is then required.

Once I get things fairly solid — and hopefully don’t find its performance or scalability to be too horrible — I’ll post some more detailed info on what I did, and how you can use it, too.

UPDATE (2016-09-02)

Things seem solid enough now that I'm willing to point anyone who's interested to the Github repo: nogdog/cwrblog.

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