Charles Reace's eBook of the Month Club

If you like to read science fiction or fantasy e-books, you should check out Each month, from the 1st through the 7th of that month, they make one of their e-books available for free, non-DRM'd download. It's a great, risk-free way to try some authors you have not yet read.

This month's (September, 2016) offering is Steven Erikson's Garden of the Moon, the the first book in his complete 10-volume "Malazn Book of the Fallen" fantasy series.

Gardens of the Moon takes a unique approach to epic fantasy fiction in how it tells the story of a civilization's complications with magic. Readers jump from character to character, some of whom grow into legendary beings, and some of whom are gone in a flash, and in time, these hundreds of small experiences cohere into a massive and cinematically vivid world.

(I just downloaded this and have not read it, so do not take this post as a specific endorsement of this book. It is, for now, just an endorsement of the Tor eBook of the Month Club.)

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