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Post-Election Angst, Etc.

Between some life/work things keeping me a bit busier than usual, along with the whole "half the country hates the other half" thing (if you believe the pundits) from the recent national elections here in the US, I just haven't been in the mood to blog. However, I think typing at my imaginary readers might be good therapy, so I'm going to try to force myself to write about something. How about something not too controversial...

Yay, Thanksgiving!

I think Thanksgiving is, overall, my favorite holiday. As someone who normally doesn't host a bunch of people at my place, there's no big stress factors — only logistical issues when I need to travel somewhere, and that's pretty much true of any holiday.

There's no big build-up to Thanksgiving, unlike a certain holiday that some people like to start shopping for on the very next day. Instead, we just get together with family and friends and stuff our faces. What could be more fun than that? (Shut up, that's a rhetorical question.) I've even reached the ripe old age where I can enjoy the hospitality and effort of the next generation to provide the location and the ridiculous number of calories. (I got in a 3-mile walk earlier today as a bit of a preemptive measure.)

And then there are the leftovers.

In Conclusion

Happy Thankgiving to all my imaginary readers, and thanks for reading this.

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