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New Camera

After thinking about it for some time, I just took the leap into the DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera world. In order to avoid totally draining my discretionary funds balance, I went with a refurbished Nikon D3400 package that includes two lenses:

The last time I used a "real" camera where you worried about things like aperture, shutter speed, etc. was when you had to wait for the film to be developed to see if your shots came out okay. Now I'm re-learning some of that along with how it differs in the digital world. (For instance, you can vary the ISO setting for each shot, whereas in the film era, it was determined by which roll of film you currently were using.)

There are still some buttons I'm not sure about, and manually configuring everything is not second nature yet, but I'm liking the initial results. Here are some shots I took recently at the Meadowlands Environment Center not far from where I live. (Click an image to view it in full-sized glory on

Here's a tripod shot with a very slow shutter speed, using the 2-second shutter delay to avoid any camera vibration.

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