This page is no longer being maintained. For the latest information on Kindle hacks, please see the Hacks section of my Kindle Minds blog.

NEW: See my 2.5.2 Upgrade Page for those of you who can't wait.

"Hack" files for Kindle 2, Kindle 2 Int.'l, and Kindle DX version 2.3

2.5.x Screen-Saver Hack

There is now a screen-saver hack for the 2.5.x firmware on the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX! As always, use of such files is at your own risk. Do not blame me if you have any problems with them. To install:

Super kudos for this go to "clarknova" and "porkupan" at the MobileReads forum along with any other hackers who helped.

This page attempts to collect the various screensaver and font patch files for the 2.3 firmware versions of the Amazon Kindle 2, and Kindle DX. If you have any problems or wish to suggest additional font files to be included, let me know at this KindleBoards.com forum thread.


And now, the files...

Or, to get all the files for your specific device — K2 = Kindle 2 (US), K2_i = Kindle 2 International (global), KDX = Kindle DX — download the applicable zip file below:

UPDATE: "TedSan" has now updated all of his font files, which are accessible at his sites.google.com page — please visit his site and make a donation if you can. Below are links to the files from his site. (Be sure to select your fonts from the correct column for your Kindle type.) See my new Font Screen Shots page to see what some of Ted's fonts look like.

For guidance on installing these patches, see my Installation Instructions, and also check out these two threads at KindleBoards.com:

Uninstalling earlier hacks before upgrading to version 2.3

To unistall the earlier font hack version, download update_uninstall.bin (from the K Design Works "Font Install Files" page.

To uninstall the earlier screen-saver hack version, download Update_kindle2_restore_default_screen_savers.bin (from MobileRead.com forum thread).

Install these uninstall files just as you would the patch files.